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    For clarifying shampoos, is it any better to use these than to just follow a regular shampoo with a vinegar rinse?? It appears the idea is to remove dulling residue, right?

    Does anyone know what it is in "Fluff Out" that makes the hair bounce back? Is it silicone??

    Just some thoughts I have been having!

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    I love the clean start shampoo followed up by the finishing rinse, but have never tried the vinegar rinse. It was my understanding that the finishing rinse was supposed to remove any soap residue.


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      I have been using a vinegar rinse for the last week and I am loving the results. Awhile back, I had considered using clean start, but already have plenty of shampoo! I have been doing a light vinegar rinse after the shampooing, but prior to using conditioner and the coats just come out so clean and soft...and shiny!


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        I really love the clean start shampoo I was going to spend twice as much on Vellus clarifying shampoo but this works and smells great I washed my own dog in it and she was much fluffier than usual it helps to take the buildup of hairspray off the show dogs as well.