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"Poodle Clipping and Grooming"

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  • "Poodle Clipping and Grooming"

    I just got the book "Poodle Clipping and Grooming" (ordered it from .... it is AWESOME! so thorough and covers just about everything poodle related! really good pictures & photographs ... i love it! highly reccommended! I've flipped through, but i'm going to read it cover to cover.

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    Your'e right it is an AWESOME poodle book, I love my copy.


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      Completley agree

      I could not have been happier when I first glanced at the library's copy of Poodle Clipping and Grooming. That same day I ordered my copy brand new from an Ebay store. It has been so invaluable.
      I did my first ever continental clip using the book. I can see in the picture now where there are some uneven spots on the bracelets and whatnot, but I think "Payton" still turned out really well. He was so well behaved, for everything! Even drying his face! I've attached some pictures of before and after so you guys can see and tell me what you think!
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        The pic's of Payton are so small you can't see any detail.

        I have this book as well, and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I've only been grooming for one year, but it's really taught me alot.


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          your library has those kinds of books! wow. thats cool. mu libray's books on gooming suck. they don't have anything. i dont have the poodle book but i would love to buy it some day