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my poodle with hearts

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  • my poodle with hearts

    Here is the best picture I got of the hearts on my poodle and his red tail and red nail polish. I wish I had taken more angled pictures.
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    Absolutely love it!
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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      wow! thats sooo cool. what did you use to make the hearts?? i didnt know petsmart allowed their groomers to do that. i like it


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        Very cute! All ready for Valentines Day. What a sweetheart!


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            Awww he looks amazing I love the hearts!!


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              What I used

              Okay, I don't recall the exact name of the product. I know I bought them at Michael's and they are made by Elmer's. Someone else suggested it on the old board. However they take a long time to dry, though I found by spraying lightly with hairspray it dried much quicker. Much less permanent than blow pens as well. They are almost gone now (though would only take a few minutes to fix up).However I don't think these paints would work well on normal dogs. I colored the hearts on parts I shaved in a 40, so it didn't have much hair to penetrate or dry on. His tail is colored with blo pens.

              My job doesn't offer the service, but our store director has allowed us to do a few clients dogs, if the client buys the product and writes on the service sheet they request it. We don't charge extra for it since the client provided it, unless we are setting a pattern like the standard poodle, then we charge by the hour it took to shave/scissor the pattern. Since this is my personal dog I groom him off the clock usually when the store is really slow as well.


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                Was it some kind of glitter paint? I would be interested in knowing what you used. Blo Pens are getting really hard to find. Your poodle looks adorable!


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                  That is so awesome!!!!!!


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                    I just thought

                    We have a nice walking trail system through our entire county.
                    Actually goes through some pretty ritzy neighborhoods.

                    I would think If I could do something like that to my Poodle,
                    people might see it and want something similar.

                    Might be a good idea for a slow day or weekend.
                    Couldn't do worse than geive me some great exersize.
                    Take my business cards with me.
                    My poodle can be advertizing. Gosh I wonder if I could take his
                    food and vet work off business expense;0))


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                      those are really nice hearts they look so sharp they could be stickers but I know you worked really hard on them.


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                        Great job!! I'm expecting to see him/her to show up at the next show decked out like that!!lol Maybe you could start a new trend for the show ring.

                        I had thought about putting hearts on my poodle, but she is black, who would want a black heart for valentines????
                        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                          update on artwork

                          When I use watercolor pencils, I use the Crayola Brand. I just dip the tip in a cup of water and let it sit for a few seconds to soften the tip, dab on a paper towel to make sure water doesn't drip off, and then draw. It works much better on very short hair. Though on my dog's dogster page for Pokey, CGC in Omaha you can see lots of artwork that was done in watercolor pencil, or at least part of it was.

                          I redid Siren's artwork the day before Valentine's Day. I find that this product fades quickly, though I never saw it anywhere on furniture or when we pet him it did not come off on our hands. I tried this on a black poodle before it's bath and the red showed up really well. Here is the rose I did on Siren.
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