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Creative Poodle Clip, need more ideas

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  • Creative Poodle Clip, need more ideas

    Okay here is a photo of a white standard that my friend and I did a few years ago. My Silver poodle is now a champion so in July I want to cut his hair down. I'm looking for my fun ideas similar to this one. I want coloring and a creative design. My poodle is a mini, not that it matters a lot.
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    I guess you could color red and silver, that may look ok, but I would think any other color would look off with silver behind it. I would not cut him down yet see if you can do something with the continental, Maybe a big red heart out of the whole jacket and hearts for the rosettes, And tulips for the pompoms with green feet for the petals. Or upside down tulips, with the legs being green stems. Sorry thats all I got!


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        products used

        I can't recall the name, something like Spike It or something. I wouldn't recommend this at all. It was very tacky and dried crusty. It was our first try and the owner supplied the product. It also ran when the dog got wet outside.

        On my mutt dog I use mainly blo pens with watercolor pencils to add shading or detail. I've used pastel chalk as well (but I find to achieve the color I use too much and it rubs off).I buy the $1 sets of stencils in the holiday dept. they work great. Use a little gauze tape to hold the stencil in place and blo the design over and remove when dry.


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          Watercolor pencils? I've never used them on poodle before. How do you use them? I have some I use occasionally for some of my art work. Hmmmm... Now you've got the wheels turning, Alicia! lol