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Renoir's latest haircut

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  • Renoir's latest haircut

    Here are a couple of pics of Renoir's latest haircut. It's hard to get a good picture of a black dog! But from his outline, can you tell me if I'm on the right track to a puppy cut. If I'd known the 1st time I groomed him I was going to keep him I'd have never had cut him that short!

    Anyway, I'm going for a pet puppy cut like in the Kalstone book. I know he needs some more neck hair and some more on the front of his back legs. Anything else you can tell me I should do? I find I'm almost afraid to cut much of anything off of him because I'm afraid I'll screw it up. '

    I was so anxious to start trying stuff on Monet when I first got her that her hair never really got long enough to do a puppy cut and her hair grows SLOW!
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    Oops, here's the other one...
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      I really "Laughed Out Loud" when you said your poodle's hair grew too slow!!!! I feel the same way about my can I do all those things and practice all those trims while I have to wait for the hair to grow back?

      I'll bet if we were paying for the grooming it wouldn't seem so slow.

      Your pup is adorable, sorry I can't help critique, I'm not that qualified yet.


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        Poodlemom, is he a phantom? He looks it in the picture!


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          He does look like a phantom in the one photo. I fostered a little phantom toy poodle for a short time that was absolutely adorable.


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            Hey Poodlemom,
            Renoir is a doll!
            The two things that really stuck out to me is
            1. You need to move his tuck up forward. It will make him look shorter than he is.
            2. You could scissor off most of the hair on his chest (the breastbone area, from just below his vocal cords to his breastbone)if done carefully you can still make his legs look well set under him and make his neck look longer.
            Just my ideas, not that they are worth much!


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              If you want your poodles hair to grow faster, bathe, brush and blow dry every week. You can also scissor off the very edges of hair to stimulate it to grow faster.


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                We haven't really figured out what he's going to end up being. He doesn't have the phantom markings on his face. He's 7 months now. His mother was cafe au lait and his father was a blue.

                Pet stylist, I know his tuckup needs to be moved up, but I have to wait for more hair to grow in the front of his legs and belly, right? Does the pic look about right to you? (exuse my drawing, I'm not very good with Paint)

                I already bathe both of them weekly, so I guess that's all I can do? LOL, dang, I was hoping for some Miracle Grow!

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                  you can really angle in the rear, on the back of the leg, it should be pretty short back there. doing so should help shorten the body along with taking some off the chest. don't be affraid to refine a bit, even if you are growing it out, thats how you learn, plus he wil still look nice and sharp then.


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                    agree about the tuckup

                    yup .... where the tuckup is right now is making him look very long - but you're right - he needs to grow some more hair on the front of that back leg & also the back of the front leg. once that happens he'll look more square. I would also say the angle on the rump is a little steep .... it should be about 30 degrees, while yours looks closer to 45 or 50.

                    what a cutie!


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                      You can wait till he grows so more hair on his hind legs, Im just the impatent type that sets my lines and pretends they have hair where they dont, untill they do!
                      Good luck with him!
                      All you guys getting new poodle pups makes me want one too! But my 13 year old poodle would stop talking to me.


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                        Thanks again, Petstylist! I'll try and cut some more off his chest and rear this week. It's so scary! lol I appreciate your help!


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                          I have a question about the AKC standards. What colors are accepted? I remember being horrified when I was in school and learned that breeders routinely "put down" Parti-colored, Phantom (I think) and other "Unaccepted" colors instead of finding family homes for the puppies. Is this horrible practice still in practice?
                          BTW Poodlemom, I am not trying to make this a sad post, I just thought of the question when I read the question about the phantom colors. Your baby is beautiful!!!
                          SheilaB from SC