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How to tell if Your Std Poodle has good hair

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  • How to tell if Your Std Poodle has good hair

    I might be looking at getting a Std. I know of one that I have been grooming since he was a baby although he is still young. I think that he is close to a year. Anyway, when he gets groomed, he looks very pretty. He has kind of curly coat, but it is not too think . His topknot is nice and thick. Of course, the cut that he has been getting is a T&C (7/2). Not my choice but my boss. I would like to see him longer, but his current owner doesn't brush him. Does anyone know how to tell if they have good coat?

    If I get him, I want to show him conformation and then compete in grooming competitions with him. He is black.

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    You mentioned this dog is not quite a year, they normally go through their coat change at 9mos so his coat may just now be coming in (adult coat).What he had up till now was his puppy coat and is usually fine, The adult coat should be coarser. As far as showing in conformation, you might want to do some research on that if you have not already, is he "Show-Material" is his bite scissor, does he have the almond eye, will he be the right height, are his ear leathers long enough,( they should reach the tip of his nose)is his muzzle and cheek area chisled properly?and many more qualities to check, showing Std. Poodles is fierce competition so you must have a good quality dog. Not to mention has he had his hips and eyes checked and there's Von Willebrands( a blood disorder) in that breed, you will want to be sure he is good for stud service.He may be great for grooming competitons. whichever you choose have fun they are a super breed and lots of fun


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      Well a good adult coat is very thick, most black poodles have a better coat than other colors. When scissored can you push your hand into his coat and have the hair bounce right back with no indentation? That is one sign of a good coat. To tell if he is show quality you would have to have him evaluated by a show poodle breeder, I know of several, Email me if you would like me to help you find one near you.


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        I hope black poodles have good coats as a rule. I'm holding my breath, my black toy is 7 months right now. My white standards' coat is terrible!


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          I have noticed in grooming poodles that the whites' coats are a different texture than the blacks. I just thought that it was just that particular dog.


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            I groom a white standard with incredible coat. He is such a pleasure to scissor, so crisp and thick. Does anyone notice thinner finer coat on red poodles? That seems to be the case in my area, could just be similar blood lines in a certain location. Like, for example, all the lab/poodle crosses in my area are great to work with and have very little coat, but I have one that came from several states away who is totally different.


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              what is T&C (7 &2)? I know "town and country" but what is "7 & 2?" thanks, I'm a newbie to the poodle linguistics.