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poodle with no neck

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  • poodle with no neck

    I was looking for suggestions on how to make a poodle, that has a very short neck (actually looks like his head is attached to his shoulders), look longer. From the front, shaving further down the neck line seems to help, but what about from the side and back?
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    Make a neck

    If the owners are open to his clip, give him a clean neck and make sure his topknot doesnt fall over the back, bring it up straight. If you can bring the line down lower just above the shoulders that would help too.


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      Make the hair short on the back of the neck, and clip the troat lower like you have been.


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        I have a poodle that comes in that has no neck either. LOL He is so fat and round he looks like a basketball with legs.


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          A shorter cut on this dog would look better. If you leave it fuller it will look like a marshmellow with legs. Try to define the neck and topline by scissoring closer than the body. Also make topknot taller.


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            I was thinking T&C, or Dutch sort of trim. That way the pattern will give the dog some length of neck. Post pics.
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