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  • How long does it take???

    To Grow This Darn Poodle's Coat????

    I ask every trainer, groomer, poodle related anyone I run into this question...
    These are pics of blu since he was 12 weeks and now at 5 1/2 months...
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    Aww, he is just too cute. Too bad he isn't growing as fast as this one black standard puppy i used to groom. I swear that dogs body hair grew an inch a month!


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      Well he looks like he was cut pretty short to start with. Are you wanting to grow him out into a show puppy trim, to show him? Or do you just want his hair longer? If your looking to show him, your most likely gonna have to wait a year or two for his topknot to grow in, so you can pull into a topknot.
      If your just wanting fluffy, he looks like he has several inches on him already, and looks like tons of fun to scissor!



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        My poodle took a year to grow back into a show after I #7 bladed her. What cut are you trying to put on her? She is cute I want a silver poodle (whining)...


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          She looked like she had been cut back with atleast a 5 blade. Her six month picture looks ok. You should see a hair growth spurt start at about 9 months. My experience with silvers and blues is that as they really start to clear out their coloring the hair legnth will take off -- so will the matting.
          Weekly or better 2x week bathes with leave in conditioners will help. Brush only as needed and don't rake the coat with a slicker. Break up the mats and pin brush out. Never brush the coat dry use water or light water and conditioner mix in a spray bottle set on a fine mist. I'm curious as to what she looks like now four months later?
          Well off to re wrap some cavies!