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Whats the best way to bring back a nice pom coat ?

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  • Whats the best way to bring back a nice pom coat ?

    I have a few pom customers who have had there poms clipped, and now there coats are basicly wrecked.
    Some of them have grown in patchy undercoat and all of the rich foxy gaurd hair is gone.
    What I have been doing it using my coat king and taking out as much undercoat as I can with out balding out the dog and just thinning and tidyiing up a outline with the hope that this will encourage the gaurd hair to grown in. Is this correct?
    Just wondering what I can do to get the foxy coat back and how long the customer can expect it will take.
    thanks for your help.

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    Clipping will not cause the coat to not grow, it just shows there is an underlying problem, blood work is needed to rule out thyroid or other health issues, what do they feed , all need to be addressed, but you seem to be doing what I would,
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      We discussed this in chat last night and it appears that a huge chunk of skin was removed from the pom during the last grooming prior to going to this shop. ON THAT NOTE I think Cushings, Lupus or any of the myriad of autoimmune likely apply to this dog. Further workup including in depth bloodwork. I said it last night. I would not touch this dog again until it was done.
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        Sometimes the undercoat and guard hairs grow back at different speeds too. Thats why you sometime see dogs with tons of undercoat all bunched up with no guard hairs, or dogs with tons of guard hairs and distinct lighter thin patches the the rear end etc, where the dense undercoat has not caught up in growth with the guard hairs.

        I have had good luck using a coat king to basically strip out all of the mushy undercoat, using a high powered hv on the skin, and soaking the dog in warm emu oil shampoo. It causes them to look kind of thin all over for a while, but it stimulates healthy new coat growth in the areas that are growing slower.


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          Thanks for all your replies! you have all been very helpful.