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    Anyone know what need to be done to put these guys in a "show" groom. I know that not a whole lot needs to be done but if anyone has show groomed these guys, any advice would be appreciated.

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    A lot more goes into it than you me. They aren't just "spit and shine" like you might think.


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      What breed?


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        Pembroke Welsh Corgi

        I know they are not just a spit and shine clean em up and call it good. I just didn't want to mess up this little guy before his first show.

        All I did was trim his pads dremmel his nails and of course bathe and blow out his coat. Told mom she would need to do the daily maintenance combing after I was done. She had him done 4 days prior to the show.

        Guess I did took 3 firsts, best puppy, best opposite and 3rd in group.


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          That's great! My first show dog was/is a Corgi...Miss Grace....she's almost 14 now.
          You should feel really good about your groom!

          I'm wondering though......even though NO ONE chalks because it's totally not allowed in the show ring....I certainly don't chalk any of my show dogs <yeah right> ....did she have anyone chalk the pup?