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    I groomed a Maltese a few weeks ago...beautiful lo-o-o-o-ong coat that the owner wants to keep. But the coat is so "bushy" , the dog looks like a little barrel. Could or should I use Furminator....or thinning shears?

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    Suggestions for Maltese

    I am not a groomer but I've owned two maltese, so I have a little experience with the coats. The maltese standard for the coat is long, flat, and silky but a lot of malts have more of a cottony texture to their coat. I've had a cottony one and kept her in a puppy cut. My current one is more silky but with a touch of cotton texture. Also, when the maltese coat is dry it will not be as silky. My formula to make the coat more silky and moisturized is:

    Chris Christenson's Day To Day Moisturizing Shampoo

    La Pooch (Female) Creme Rinse Conditioner

    A little Bark-to-Basics As a leave-in for the areas which are more cottony and tend to tangle (Under the neck and ears, under the arm pits)

    A HV dryer will help straighten the coat, but must be used on a very low setting or held a little distance away from the maltese.

    After the malt. is completely dry, I'll rub a small amount (probably less than a pencil eraser size) amount of Christenson's Silk Spirits on my hands then run my hands through the coat. If too much is used, it'll make the coat look greasy.

    Also, I don't use a whitening shampoo every time I shampoo because they can damage the coat and make it dry if used too often.

    Regarding the furminator - No. Because a maltese doesn't have an undercoat.
    Thinning shears - I'd have to see a picture of the coat, but typically for a long coat you only use scissors or thinning shears on the ends.



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      Furminator and/or thinning shears will make the coat worse! The cottony coat is genetic. So you will never get it to lay absolutely correct. If the owner is set against a short cut, the best thing to do is use conditioning shampoo, a really thick, remoisturizing conditioner. Something like CC's Ice on Ice will help control static and CC's Silk spirits or Nature's Specialty's Silk-N-Finish will help it to lay flatter.

      Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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        I would imagine that an omega fatty acid supplement may help a little as well...


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          Definately will make matters worse by using thinning shears or furminator. My maltese has the cottony hair and the only thing that helps with hers is conditioning her coat weekly & skin/coat vitamins with omega-3,6 & 9


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            For drop coated breeds I use BIOSILK, you can get it at Sally's Beauty. Just put a dab on your hand, rub hands together slightly and work it into the coat.
            Not only will it help to make the coat lay flat it also will help it from getting tangled.

            Hope this helps!


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              Thanks, everyone!

              Thanks for this discussion, everyone. I know this message thread is about a year old, but it says some things that I needed to know.

              I acquired a Maltese pup about six weeks ago, and she will be 4 months old on the 22nd. I've been a groomer in the past and had 5 Malties who came in regularly, three in full show coat and two who got puppy clips, but the three in full show coat had such beautiful, silky coats that we never had any problems to solve with them. They would even come into the shop already perfectly brushed AND combed-- every one of them most certainly mama's pride and joy! Bath, dry, nails, and ear check was pretty much all we had to do. Good AND bad... having no coat problems with those Malties means no experience handling Maltie coat problems! I've picked up more valuable information from this one thread than I have from the message boards dedicated to Malties! And there are some great new products on the market you've alerted me to that weren't around back in da' day!

              Now I've got some good ideas about things to look out for as my new pup grows, AND what to do about it! It appears that her coat is going to be silky... her little top knot is already trying to lie flat and will require a latex band soon to gather it out of her eyes... but she's still a fuzzy-butt baby, and we'll see what we will see later on.