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  • Irish Setter Grooming

    I have an Irish Setter coming in this afternoon and I've never groomed one before. Does anyone have suggestions on what blade to use on the back?

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    If it is a correct Irish Setter

    use nothing. It should lay flat, and is a good candidate for what is called Sacking, as in pinning a big towel over the back, safety pinning (baby pins the best) once in front and once under the loin letting it dry that way. If the dog does not have a proper coat, I'd be tempted to use the Mars Coat King to get it to lay flat. If all else fails a # 4 or so could be used, or a snap on to tip off the fuzzies, but I'd be absolutely sure that was okay with the owner. You do smooth out the top of the head and down the ears (up to a third way down) and neck/throat depending on the head and length of ear and length of neck.

    There is a section on grooming breeds info on this site.

    Also I suggest any groomer to buy the book Notes from the Grooming Table by Melissa Verplank. You can do that by bringing it up on the left of this message board, couldn't be easier. One can groom a new breed to them with just the info on there. Even old time groomers can check on such breeds as terriers not done often as to tuft in front of ears, head shaped a way behind occiput etc. In my opinion that money for the book will be sooooooo worth spent.
    Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.