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Cording a havanese?

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  • Cording a havanese?

    My other groomer raises and shows Havies. She has an older retired gal that she wants to start letting cord. Is there a special way to start the cords? Do they happen on their own? Can I jump start them into cording? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Stop brushing and contact fuzzy farm puli they also show corded havanese and can help you on that end.
    Never gonna know if you never even try


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      A few yrs. ago while I was activley showing my St.P (in Utility) he was fully corded. I became friends with a pro-handler who was campaigning a Ch. Havanese who also was corded. We compared notes on the process; basically just ignore the coat for a few weeks. Put the comb and brush in a drawer. (this will take some self-discipline) you might be tempted to comb out the knots. You can PM ne for finer details.

      You do need a dog with correct coat type in order to get it to cord. I have Havanese with coats like Silky terr's., other have coats like shih tzu, these would be impossible to challenging to cord. Other clients' dogs have very coarse coats, these would be excellent to cord! (unfortunately the owners won't try it.)

      Keep in mind that once the coat is corded you must ke watchful of leaves, mulch and grass clippings getting stuck in the coat, it can't be brushed out,it must be removed by hand. This definitely hampers the free play time for the dog.


      good luck,