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  • Havenese

    OH boy- I was stopped at a reg clients home doing a groom when a lady with a wild little havenese walks up and asks if she can make an apt for her dog. I don't do this very often but in my head the whole time I see her walking to me I am thinking "dear god please don't ask" the dog was barking at everything and just a royal wreck. This is the third person with a Havenese that has asked "do you know HOW to groom one of these". To make a long story short I tell the people I have only done pet trims on them. She made an apt and now I am worried because she wants him in a show "like" coat...... Anyone know how to do this with a wild dog lol. All I can find on the internet is how to take care of your pet havenese. Starting to wish I didn't take on this client

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    Try this They have the standard including the correct type coat and also under presentation, they tell how the dog should be presented in the ring. All the Havanese dogs I groom are very sweet dogs.
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      Havanese for me are a case of "the rarity of the breed is in direct coallation to the wackyness of the owner"

      I've groomed a few, the ones that start out wanting the long coat, I tell them up front what I charge to demat and that sometimes that means shaving. If they are willing to pay for weekly or biweekly appts or brush at home they can have it, otherwise pet clip. All of them I have groomed have been very good dogs even if they act crazy on the ground. They seem to be smart and willing to please if a little nervous.

      We have one out here in the sticks and the shop owner doesn't even like to talk to the owner she's that irritated by her. I just laugh cause after so many years in socal I'm used to it! So short story now the owner has to groom the ladies dog so she can decide who does a better job lol. I chuckled about it all day.


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        I meant correlation >< too darn tired lol.


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          Originally posted by SCGroomer View Post
          This is the third person with a Havenese that has asked "do you know HOW to groom one of these".
          Just last week the same thing happened to me.