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  • G Pyr revisited

    Well the decision is that the owner wants to shave out their G Pyr. at least this once and see how he fairs his lifestyle.How short should I take him...blade or comb suggestions that will still look reasonable?
    Should I preclip or bath first? Or Rebath after clipping? Conditioning and what phase....never done this before and not sure where to start with all this pending hair......thank you for your input!

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    If you are going short(7 or 5) then I'd say shave some off first depending on just how dirty he is. Any longer than that then bath first. You may depending on the situation and the dog do it in a two appt visit. One to do a good BB and then the next day a haircut. A CC cut could look very cute but requires you to have ALL!! the undercoat out first. Good luck and take pictures


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      I personally think a guard comb would look best and can still be pretty short. I would leave anywhere from and inch to half an inch. If you choose to 'trim' it down rather than shave down, like to a #10 or #7, it will be more work. In order for it to look nice, you will need to first bathe and blow out all the loose undercoat. I also recommend the Wahl SS combs and clipping in reverse.

      If you are going to shave it way down, I would still bathe first and wet clip while lubed up with shampoo, then rewash thoroughly, condition and hv well. Brush out, then finish clip with whatever short blade you want.


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        Depending on the dog lifestyle you can go anywhere from and inch to skint. And either way it a big project. I normally clip first if the dog is matted. Otherwise i throw them into the tub.
        Never gonna know if you never even try


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          I can't quite imagine having to bath/blowdry a full coat, just to shave it down to a 5 or 7.. however the shaving WOULD go so much more smoothly if you do just that.

          If it were me, I'd probably go ahead and start clipping with a 5 before the bath. If the coat was coming off reasonably well.. I'd do the whole coat that way. If it refused to budge, (and a 7 didn't fare any better), then I'd go ahead and do the bath first.

          Some groomers will run the HV over the pre-bath coat, but that's a bit dirtier than I'm willing to deal with.

          I conditioned a double coated dog today, and it took FOREVER to rinse.. I think I'd forego that step unless absolutely necessary.

          Either way, the clipping after the bath is what I'd concentrate on getting a smooth coat.

          I've seen some pyr with a longer ruff left, but personally I'd just take it all down short.

          Good luck!