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    Another WOW day, had Zach in today, in all his winter glory. Another BIG boy. Not as sweet as the newf, Moses that I posted yesterday.
    Well he is a bath and tidy, very tidy. I hand scissored his coat to about half. Just to where the undercoat starts. Then he sat for a half an hour in dematting shampoo with dematting conditioner. Then blew out about half way and sprayed with Natures Specialtys dematting spray. Then ran the dematter through and then cage dryed for a while so I could get someone else done!
    When all was done it was 3 hours of actual work. He has a rather difficult coat compared to most of the GP that I've encountered. Very wooly. I was just happy to get the dematter through it.
    Oh, and today was Zacks birthday! Poor thing.

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    Sounds like a real trooper Unfortunately my set-up would never let me leave a dog to soak in conditioner like that.. I have to be right there holding the dog at all times. Glad you were able to get through all the wool! Those coats are the hardest.


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      funny- I had one as well- though yours sounds much better than mine. . .had not seen a groomer or a brush on about 2 years, Why? Because she bites, but they did not tell me that. She likes to do back flips in the tubs, afraid of the dryer, hates to be combed. . .all in all it made for a great friday!! She went home amost finished- better than i think that she has ever looked. Yikes!