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Aww, there's more to bathing than this!

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  • Aww, there's more to bathing than this!

    I owned a French Bulldog and I think it's a shame that no one goes into the grooming of it. Yeah, I know, it's a bathing and environment issue, but I thought I'd put it out there. Betsy, my little girl, came from Germany. I got her while over there. I never had an issue with her being cold, but as soon as we got back to Alabama, she really went downhill. And it wasn't just the environment side of it either. Very sensitive skin, and it seemed that her folds got worse after we got here. I changed from using the general eye cleaner to an at-home homeopathic thing I came up with (worked very well for her) but her coat changed too. That changed the shampoo. I probably need to go to the bulldog thread, but I thought someone needed to bring up the little guys.

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    Have you had a vet check her over? A coat change could indicate a lot of things, from allergies to metabolic or hormonal issues.


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      nevermind thefact there are a whole lot more allergens everywhere in the Southern states than there would be in Germany
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        always comes to mind when you change countries and climates and Europeans feed much dif than we do for the most part...