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    What do you do to a Danie's face under the ears?

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    OK, I'm answering

    First, I have no clue. I am answering because no one else has yet, and this is your third plea from what I have seen.

    Second, it doesn't matter much if it's where you can't see it unless you lift the ear!!

    Thirdly, I just looked at some show photos - the face probably tapers and is blended just where the ear falls, by the looks of it. For a pet, that would be done by me with a #3 or #4 skip blade, probably. On a thin-coated dog, you could use thinning shears to blend the face with the neck under the ear. Use what you use on the body, I'd say.


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      Ok let me try...

      Your right, it is a rather confusing spot. I talked with Kathy Nelson on just this area and from what I can gather it's just shortened a bit with thinners behind the row of hair next to the eye. It could be described as pocketing out to make the ear fit closer to the side of the face. One handler told me it's clipped under the ear but, I don't think thats correct either.
      I'm headed to California this week for Great Western and I will ask Bill McFadden if I get a chance, he showed the Dandie from Austrailia a couple of years ago and it was very nicely groomed. I admire his and Taffe's work immensly.
      Maybe I can get a picture of dogs entered. Have you gone to the site to see the videos?


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        No Dandies

        are entered at GW I will still try to talk to Billy.


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          A friend of mine had 4 she showed and taught me to groom them years ago...seems to me the head and beard are shaped using thinners in that area. kinda like a head and beard that are seperate yet blended.....I probably made it worse explaining it like that.....I found these photos to show you....
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            The first

            two pictures Debbie posted is the dog I spoke of above that Bill showed.


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              What I liked about those pics is the ears are flowing back and you can see what is done. I loved that dog!
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                That last picture of the puppy is so cute. I groom two Dandies. It is so HARD!!! They have awful hair. I am always trying to tweak something in the groom. My co-workers call them the Dimwits.
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                  Thank you all for the help. My Dandie isn't a true Dandie. He is a mix. But I am grooming him as a Dandie in the popourri competition. I actually worked on him the other day after reading your posts and they did help a lot. Thank you so much!!


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                    I hope you post pictures.
                    "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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                      OK Heres what

                      Bill said....Marge was with me when I asked him about your question." Bill, how did you trim the area under the ears on the Dandie you showed? Theres a groomer on the board, blah blah and so on..... He said..." Gosh, I don't remember without having the dog right here. I can email the owner of the dog in Austrailia and get back with you". Now I ask you....How many grooming contest judges will know? I did have to laugh about that...Two of the worlds top professional handlers stumped about a small patch of hair LOL! Well, Marge wasn't stumped but he and Marge and myself talked about it a few minutes and decided that the area is pulled to the line of hair behind the eye so that the ear fits close to the cheek and it then blends into the neck. The top knot hair just overflows the sides and the ears.
                      Oh yeah , guess I should brag a bit. We won group two on Saturday and Best in Show on Sunday!!! Thats three years in a row for Marge and the Sealys! Charmin the last two years and Merci this trip.
                      Good luck and have fun . What show are you doing this at?


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                        Guess that was

                        a good question. Congratulations on the win. Seems odd for me not to go but I'm not with Terriers at all, so I'm skipping those huge Terrier shows on the lovely grounds.

                        Of course Bill has a couple great show groomers for big shows so heck he may not have known just what they did.
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                          Have you look in Notes? It might give you an idea on how to do it. I haven't looked myself, just thought I'd throw that out.
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                            If anyone would like to order the grooming guide for the video of grooming from the Dandie Dinmont terrier club of America, you may contact the following email address:

                            [email protected]

                            Very informative and thorough.

                            This info is posted on the AKC Dandie site.


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                              I have emailed with Carl they are sending me the guides. Thank you all for your help its really great to be able to communicate with so many knowledgable groomers!!

                              I am doing this in Chicago.