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  • Long Hair Dachshund

    What do you do with the fluff stuff on the front and back legs of the long hair dachshund?

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    Depending on what the owners want!! I usually will use thinning shears to trim it down and blend into the back of the leg.


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      Depends on how much there is, if not too much, I'll pluck it out with my fingers, if a lot then I'll thinning shear it or card it out with a stripping knife.
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        Whiz doesn't have any, but Oli does. I pluck it. You can also use thinners, a stripping knife, or skim with a blade.


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          The hair coming down both sides of his body are normal hair and if I were to remove the fuzz hair on all legs, he doesn't come out looking correctly. I did that once and only charged the customer half price because it did not look book at all. I should have taken a picture of him. Bummer.


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            You don't want to take out the hair. Just the fuzz. Depending on how much, and what type of hair you're dealing with, this is what you're aiming for.

            This is Oli's litter brother. Oli looks just like him...except his head. Thor has a much better head.


            This dog is Whiz's daddy. Not the best coat, IMO. I have other opinions, too, which I won't express.


            So, depending on what type of coat you're looking at, it can make a great deal of difference what the end result will be.


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              depends on the owner and the fuzz. Some I just thin and pluck it out.. I have one that is just completely covered on most of its body except a strip down the back. I use a snap on comb on her.