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  • advise please !

    i have a curly coated retriever booked in for next week and i was just hoping for some advise on brushing/drying him with out straightening out his curls ?
    i dont use cabinet dryers, i use stand dryers .
    any advise i would be very gratefull ! thanks x

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    Dry him in crate mostly

    Put him in a crate - preferably wire, so there is plenty of circulation without getting overly hot - and aim the dryer at him for a while (1/2 hour?), then change it to blow on his other side. Most of the coat will be dry enough not to straighten too much, especially if you blew him with the high velocity blower in the tub after his bath.

    If it's already super-warm in your place, you won't even need a dryer on him, but usually places aren't THAT warm!


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      After you bath/brush and dry him....Spritz him lightly with a spritz bottle, let it dry naturally, the curls will come back. If you do it lightly enough it shouldn't take too long to air dry.

      Hope this helps


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        Okay, now don't laugh but since I've never groomed a curly coated before, I had no idea their curls could be straightened!! I guess I never really thought about it before.

        Thank you for todays lesson!!
        ~*~*~Shawn, C.M.G.~*~*~
        Apparently common sense isn't all that common
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          Everything Straightens when you force dry it. Which is Good for grooming curly 'anything' try the spritz thing.

          You will be fine.