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Deshedding a Chow.... technique.... wanted to share!

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  • Deshedding a Chow.... technique.... wanted to share!

    I discovered a technique for deshedding those thick cottony double coated breeds. Has anyone else ever tried this?

    A new client today had one of the thickest coated Chows I have seen with lots of cottony coat blowing everywhere as well as some felting in the hind quarters and tail. Sooooo, I have the dog in the tub wetting it down while thinking about how I was going to "attack" this coat without spending 3+ hours (especially since I under-quoted my price....necessity is the mother of invention right?!)

    Anyway, I use the technique of shampooing/conditioning the coat and raking out in the tub. As I was working the coat I began flooding the coat with my recirc on the spot I was raking and low and behold! TONS of undercoat began to lift and slide out with the water and my pin brush! Just like when you wet shave.... it just slid out! I kept moving the spayer around flooding coat and brushing at the same time... tons and tons of undercoat slid right out so easily. I'll bet I cut an hour of time off and very little follow up brushing was necessary. I did remove the felting on the tail and quarters with a mat breaker, but that didn't take long at all. He looked absolutely great and the owner was delighted and wants to book every month... (yipee?) LOL!
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    I don't do that with my recirc, I do that with the hose when I'm rinsing. The water really lifts and helps that dead coat slide right out.
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      I use the recirc.
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        Awesome, not only did that save you time, but I'm sure it saved a poo load of hair from flying around as well. Picking hairs out of my eyes, nose, mouth after drying those breeds is my least favorite part.
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          I will use both my recirc and rinse water w/a brush to get out the shedding coat. Works great! If you add a squirt of something like Ice on Ice or Cowbow magic to the recirc water w/either the shampoo or conditioner that also helps to get that coat out.
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            Sounds great, can't wait to get a big hairy beastie to try this out!

            In the shop, we also use a lot of conditioner on the coat, let it sit for a few minutes, and then HV before rinsing. The conditioner weighs the hair down, so it won't go flying into the air. It just splatters all over the side of the tub


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              yup, I do it all the time, works great!!
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