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Chinese Crested Powder Puff tomorrow!!

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  • Chinese Crested Powder Puff tomorrow!!

    Quick question for all of you. Is there anything I need to be made aware of with regards to a chinese crested? I have never even seen one before, and suddenly am grooming one tomorrow. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Just find out what they want you to do with it. It seems when we get them, they start off wanting like a teddy bear look, but maybe the face shaved. Because their coats are so soft, the ones that we get end up wanting like a 3f on the body. One I do now, even gets the feet shaved. I do sort of a topknot that kind of parts in the middle and clean ears. The ones that I have had, tend to be a bit nervous, and don't like being away from their owners.


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      The one i do is 8 months now. They wont let me give her a haircut so she looks like a maltese!!


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        Ohh I love chinese cresteds!! I have a puff who was once in a "pony cut" which is the style of the hairless, but now I'm in the process of growing his coat out. Theres not many rules on these. Shave face or don't shave it, shave ears or don't shave them. All the options are accepted, whatever the custy wants. Unfortunately most of the puffs that come into my job aren't taken care of so are shaved short all over. None look like mine, just some sort of maltese mix or something

        On a sidenote they tend to be very sensative, atleast where I'm from.


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          Just depends what they want. Have seen them with a "puppy cut", also had one that was very long and also had one where the whole body was shaved except for pompoms and head-made to look like the hairless ones-that was soooo cute! Google it. Good luck!


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            Forgot my Camera....oops

            I wound up doing her in a puppy cut, although it took some time to get all those little pin matts out first. The customer wanted a shaved face, but up to me what to do with the ears, so I left them, and just trimmed them up a bit. She looked adorable when done, looked around for camera.....not at work!! Oh well, always next time I guess.


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              I love Chinese Cresteds (of course I have one myself so that may be why ). When trimming customer's powderpuffs I like to do a 0 on their body, shave the face, and don't touch the top of the head or ears. Then I band the tail with the blade I used on the body so that the tail looks like a hairless's tail (with the beautiful plume at the end). That way they still have the Chinese Crested look in their face but their body is a little easier to maintain for the customer. Next time you'll have to get a picture of the cutie!