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Pics of a shaved one?

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  • Pics of a shaved one?

    I have a new client coming in next week who has 3 chihuahuas, 2 short and 1 long coat, she wanted to know if I'd shave them. I've never shaved a chi before, have 2 of my own (1 long, 1 short) I do the weekly furminator on. She doesn't want them to look ridiculous but is tired of the hair all over everything. I offered the shedless and told her how well it works for my chis, she said she'd think about it. Does anyone have any pictures I can share with her of Chihuahuas shaved? Long or short coated? Thinking maybe I could talk her into a tb comb on her long coat.

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    I have shaved short-haired chis before(no pics though) I didn't think they looked bad. Kind of looked like velour. I used a #10 on them. Same thing, their owner hated the shedding.

    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      I do a shave down on a smooth coated JR she doesn't like the shedding. I do a #7 reverse so much smoother than a #10


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        I think it's crazy to shave them they won't look good

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          They look great shaved. Either a 4f backwards or a 5f backwards for a really nice smooth cut. If its really long haired use a clip comb first to remove the mound of hair and then use the short blade. I have no photos but I groom about 8 of them that get this.