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Cairn Ears/ Head????

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  • Cairn Ears/ Head????

    What is a difference in Heads between a Cairn and a Westie? Well, really I would like to know body differences too, but I think the the head is really what makes the dog. Most importantly the ears my boss keeps saying you shave the ears (the whole ear), but I do not think that is the case in the" Notes From the Grooming Table" I think it says 1/3 of the ear? I want to know from experienced Cairn people what to do? Are cairn and westie heads the same and if not are the ears at least the same? HELLPPPP! I do not hand strip. My place of business does not charge enough for me to do this and most of the owners want their dogs clippered anyway. I am learning on my own dog ( I am self taught for the most part I own an Irish T.) but am not confident enough to do other peoples dogs yet. I love terriers of the long and short variety and want to do them perfectly. They are my breeds of choice grooming wise.

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    you DO NOT shave the entire ear....this guide I linked to shows you the stripping method, but the pattern is the same even if the technique is different.
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      For all practical purposes, with pet clips Cairns and Westies are one and the same.

      I clip the top 1/3 of the ear, NOT the entire ear, although I have seen that both taught and done in some shops.

      Hand stripped show heads and the heads on pet dogs are two different ball games. With pet heads, depending on how much you want to fuss, you can actually crank out a passable pet head on both breeds using a comb in reverse (the one used depending on how much hair you want to leave on...), thinning shears for blending and a dab of industrial strength hair gel or mousse to give body to the head and allow for a nicely mussed-up look.

      I can't recall now if it is Notes or TO5 that has a series of photos showing how to do a pet Westie head. You can follow that same outline for a Cairn head as well.


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        Those replies were both very helpful and that website was awesome tons of help! I am glad that I have not been grooming my cairns wrong.


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          Originally posted by Doubledogdare View Post
          I can't recall now if it is Notes or TO5 that has a series of photos showing how to do a pet Westie head. You can follow that same outline for a Cairn head as well.
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            So glad I found this!

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              One of the main differences is that the westies have the fan in front of their eyes. None of my westie people will let me do this because "he can't see" or whatever so I pluck those hairs in a downward angle to open the eyes up. Also I only use shears on the ears on the top 1/3 or (the width of my print) so that it is more head than ear.


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                Westies and Cairns

                From Wikipedia:
                The Cairn Terrier has a harsh, weather-resistant outer coat that can be cream, wheaten, red, sandy, gray, or brindled in any of these colours. Pure black, black and tan, and white are not permitted by many kennel clubs. While registration of white Cairns was once permitted, after 1917 the American Kennel Club required them to be registered as West Highland White Terriers.

                So at one time they were the same breed. There are some differences in the trims, mostly in the body pattern.
                Cairns are much more natural in appearance.
                Westies are glam-ed up.
                Have you ever noticed, no matter how dirty a Westie is when he comes in, after the bath, they are super white. Except those that have a urine problem or are lickers.

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