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Old English Bulldogge temperament??

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  • Old English Bulldogge temperament??

    Does anyone have a lot of experience with these guys? I've done the occational nail trim here and there, and a wash and dry, and that was it. Never had a problem in the shop.

    I'm house/dog sitting for a pair right now in their home and wow---

    I know they're a bully breed, but these guys are real crabs! One attatcked my dog out of the blue monday AM for no reason, the have bulldozed through the bedroom door so many times that the door doesn't latch and you have to lock it to keep them out of the bedroom at night. They potty in the house, and one refuses to go outside. I've resorted to roping them with a slip lead and pulling them out side.

    And when you're 65#'s, 20 inches off the ground and so fat you have no neck you can plant your butt and not move.

    I know they only behave like that due to what they've been taught, and allowed to do. But are they normally dog aggressive like that?

    They've been fine with her all week, and wham! monday morning he clamped on to my German wire haired pointer with no provocation. And they snarl at each other. Very unstable dogs.

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    I bathe one every two weeks, yes they are bullies. My clients old english bulldog, likes the bath but he will not let me get him out of the bath tub. He tries to bite me. So the only way I can handle him is with his choke chain on him that the owner has him in and and leash. I have to leave that on him to keep him in control to get him out of the tub. The other story is the nails, OMG, he goes nuts, and I just have to use the lead and leash again also on the nails . Sounds complicated but OMG he is such work grooming. After the bath is over and he is dry ready to go home , he want stop licking me. He's so crazy, but I love the guy.


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      By your description, it sounds like they're English bulldogs not old English bulldogges, big difference in size! English bulldogs are the ones that are 20 inches tall, the other is 27 at the shoulder. They do have similar temperaments in that they are bullies! Best keep your dog away from them, especially on their territory. It's not like you can or need to rehabilitate these guys in such a short time, however; your demeanor can make a huge difference for the time being. Be assertive and calm,let them know that their manners will not bring them the attention they're looking for, in fact it will bring them no attention at all.Seperate them , it's easier to deal with one bull dog at a time and they also don't have each other to feed off the crazy energy. When they stop, that's when you pet them, etc. Good luck with these guys, they can be some of the more difficult dogs to deal with, remember...assertive...calm!