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  • New client now....

    This should be a pic of the bouv after his bath and fluff....seems he had a issue at his last groomer. The second should be when done, can only do so much when the coat is like it was.... his head needs to grow out lots. This is a real good reason NOT to shave round the eyes and he will be growing out face hair for some time. Great boy and will see him lots more now.


    ok first is after on table, then outside last is before he was fixed this works
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    WOW! What a big difference. You did fantastic saving his handsome Bov style.

    Excellent job!


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      What were his back legs matted with lots of coat looks bushy but hard to tell the pics are blurry.

      The after shot is very nice.

      I only ever did one bouvier and it had to be stripped due to matting the stomach was so bad had to use a 15 and it got a bad irritation but the head was in good shape and saveable. Why would you clip under the eyes and nose of this breed?


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        This boy wasnt matted just alot of excess hair in strange places.....and chunks out of areas that need hair.... I have no idea what they were attempting but oh well.... it will grow

        I never shave the eye area , not even the corners but his was gone so that will take some time but it will grow out someday....though many come in from other places with the nose shaved....ewww...oh welll