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My poor little old lady!

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  • My poor little old lady!

    Well, Biscuit had an abcessed anal gland. I never really do hers because she yelps when I do, and I'd rather have a vet mess with it. The vet had to put a drain in, and now she has to wear an E-collar. Poor thing doesn't know what to make of it. She bumping into things, not to mention she is ITCHY! Here is a pic attached of the poor little thing!
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    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones

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    Ah, she looks sad

    Well, I hope she knows how much you love her and that it is for her own good. I bet her ears are like velvet to stroke. Give her a few extra treats for Halle, Jax, and traveler.


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      Ah, that explains the new avatar!


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        That sucks. How long does she have to wear it? I hate seeing dogs with e-collars on, but she would be thankful for it if she knew what was going on!


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          hope she feels better soon.

          Sweetpee- the funniest e-collar I ever saw was on was on a saint. you can just imagine the size of it. Takes puppy proofing you home to a whole new level


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            Ok I could have SWORN that I put this in off topic, but here it is in Bichon styling...ya'll probably think I'm nuts!!! lol I am moving this to off topic, lol.

            Sweetpea, she will get it off in three more days. She had to have it on for a week. It is pretty funny to watch her bump into stuff...I am used to seeing it working with dogs, but you better believe the whole family really got a kick out of it, poor thing. I'd swear that she was embarrassed!!!
            Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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              A few years ago, our lab/rottie had to have leg surgery and he got an e-coller. He was soooooo depressed with it. His head was at the floor and he was VELCRO-ED to our legs wherever we went. We took it off when we figured that he wouldn't lick at the stitches too much. He looked so miserable. We felt horrible.