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  • My newest client

    Pheobe is a regular boarding client who comes in with her Saint Bern & Yorkie brothers, but her owner usually keeps her shaved down (to the skin). This last time she was in to board, I noticed she has grown out a bit and was admiring her coat texture. I felt it was my DUTY to get this little girl in my kitty for future competition. I talked to the owner about it and she very receptive, but somewhat apprehensive about the up keep. Anyway, while they were away, I can up with a grooming plan that will allow her to remain "in coat" with only a little care from mom.

    So, she got bathed while she was here and since she needs growing out, very little trimming.

    I neated her face and head, but didn't do to much shaping except for her ears (which were LONG) and rounding the top of her head.

    My question to you all is this. Since the owner has been shaving her down, the sides of her face (cheek area) are shorter than her muzzle, which makes it impossible to blend her ears in. How long will this take to grow out and should I take her muzzle shorter until it does. I didn't want to take the ears TOO short to start off with in order that I could blend them better when the cheeks grew out. Right or wrong?
    Here are some head shots (don't mind the little hair in the eye, I did get it out of there once I noticed it).
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    I have the same problem with one I do.
    Rocky had the typical "shoe"head, and
    all you can do it shorten the chin and blend the ears
    till it all comes round.
    If you look at rocky in the "before and after"
    you will see the same thing.
    I don't know why some do this, but its probably
    that some owners don't know they can
    even get them round with a couple visits, because
    they only trim they ever got was always the same.
    I am seeing this a lot around here.
    When this gal came in and actually saw a picture of
    a Bichon, she was floored, and was SOOOO happy
    with her groom she almost cried. And he isn't even
    there yet.