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    I have to groom an Australian terrier next week.... I have notes from the grooming table for a guide. I'm going to be thinning the back rather than carding as per the cutomers request. Anyone have any tips? I don't get too many different breeds where I'm from so I'm pretty excited!

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    Hey there, I have a rescue Aussie whom I attempt to hand-strip. I'm really no expert, I just pick-up tips from books, websites, and fellow Aussie-fanciers.

    I'm assuming what you mean by thin, is shaping and straightening out cowlicks/thick areas? With your fingers/stripping knife? You really should always card out undercoat on hand-stripped dogs to make the jacket lay tight against the body. It's also very beneficial to the dog's skin to have the dead undercoat removed.

    Post pics in the live photo categories after the groom!


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      The owner didn't want her hand stripped or carded or anything. I did the groom last friday and I ended up using thinning shears on the back. I'm so new to grooming and I have so so so much to learn but I did try to follow the directions in notes. I'll post in the check out my groom category if I can figure out how to do it! =)