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Alternatives to Hand Stripping Australian Terrier

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  • Alternatives to Hand Stripping Australian Terrier

    Posted on behalf of Cheri Argueta who sent this to me.

    Of course stripping is the ideal way to groom this breed, but there is a way to clip this breed. The one I groom came in looking like a giant Yorkie. That's not right. So here we go!! Use#10 or #15 on the whole ear. Use thinning shears on the face back to the corner of the eye. Hair on the face should not be longer than an inch. I put gel in the head hair before I blow dry it and some hairspray after. I like a #4 on the back. Blend off before you get to the cowlicks on the neck. I use a #5 on the front of the front legs from the pastern down, and also the front and back of the back legs from the hock down. Scissor your head round flowing into the ruff on the sides of the neck.