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Shaving a Aussie

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  • Shaving a Aussie

    Help I have a customer who has a 13 and 15 year old ast shep that he shaves in the summer. I have never done this before. He says he goes pretty short all over so what should I do. 5 7 or 10. I would think a 10 is pretty short but that is what my parents always did with or mixed shepherd in the summer. I would think a 5 wouldnt turn out so nice either. I don't want to use guard combs though. Maybe on a dog that has never been shaved before but not on these guys. Please help Teresa

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    For me with the double coat guys that want hair cuts. I generally due one of two things if they want short short like it sound like your guy wants I usually due a #7. Or if they want short but not shaved I'll use one of the shorter CC's. Good luck. Oh I will usually bath and blow them before I clip. I just generally find it easier.


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      I have several aussies I shave down short. I always use a guard comb after a bath & blow out. I use either the purple or blue comb. It makes them look really nice they don't have that bald look & its easier to blend their legs & face into the cut.