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  • First Airedale

    Today I was able to groom my first airedale. He was so much fun. I was not sure what to expect but he was a very good boy, did not like his feet or nails done, but I have met very few terriers who do!

    I had the Notes book open the entire time.

    This is an outdoor dog who was already thin of hair in the legs, which were matted, but I was able to brush them out!

    Comments, critcism welcome. I alway want to improve, so that each groom is better than the last.[email protected]/3277217213/[email protected]/3278038184/[email protected]/3278038988/[email protected]/3278041358/


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    I'm not a real groomer, but i think Sparky looks great!
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      I think he looks great. For a pet trim, you are right on! Most importantly- no bubble butt!
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        Yes, great job! You didn't do the pantaloons on the rear! Whoo I hate that look, and its SO not correct. You did a great job with him..he was a mess before. If you want to tweak some things, here is what I would recommend.

        Tidy/tighten up the front end/shoulder area. You can clip to just above the elbow and thinning shear behind the elbow. Their leg should be separate from the body. You can go lower on the "skirt" and just leave what hangs below the belly. Clip the sides, and drop straight off the bottom of the ribcage. The belly fringe should not hang below the elbow, and taper to very short just before the tuckup.

        The eyebrows look good! I would take some more hair off the sides of the muzzle, to lessen the poofy look. You can coat king that, or just take a stripping knife and pull some out, or thinning shear it. Overall, great groom, especially for your first time! Pat yourself on the back.