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  • Affenpinscher

    Yesterday I groomed two Affens. I have never done them before and I told the client that and they said that was fine, do the best I can. They had about 2 months of grow out because they have not found a groomer that can do it.

    I got the body down, but the head is where I had a hard time. The clients were pleased and said they will be calling me back.

    I would like to get this down and feel confident on an Affen groom and so I am just wondering if anyone else has groomed them and what is the best technique for the head? I pretty much used thinners for the head. I did get the beard right....


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    I just wanted to say I'm jealous! I've never even seen one in person!!
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      I groom a puppy affen, looks like a wee lil monkey
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        I comb the hair foreward on the top of the head and do the 3 cut(left right and center) then use thinning shears to blend all in a nice round head..sounds like you're doing the same. Nice! I don't notch the eyes but scissor and let her see but look natural. They are a cute breed!


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          The Affenpinscher Club of America has grooming information at:

          Have a good time as they are a very fun breed.


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            similar to,

            Brussel Griffons have the same body trim-I hand strip all the ones I do. The heads can be difficult since the hair tends to be thin at the pet level so I pull a bit to keep body in the hair end use blenders to shape a little clown head.


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              ughh. that affenpinscher grooming guide uses the "twist and Yank" hemostast method of ear plucking.


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                Supposed to look like a monkey. As long as it looked like one, you're fine LOL Actually the neck area would be the hardest to get right IMO. We only have 1 that comes in and just gets a shave down because he's really a mean little ****.


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                  I thank you all for the advice on grooming the Affens. I will keep looking to perfect this groom.

                  Thank you again!