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Grooming Instructor Wanted for Prison Program - Gig Harbor, WA

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  • Grooming Instructor Wanted for Prison Program - Gig Harbor, WA

    Normally we don't post help wanted here but these are local folks for our office and are helping to get the word out....

    The Prison Pet Partnership in Gig Harbor is looking for a talented individual for a .75FTE position as the Grooming Instructor. This position oversees the PPP grooming program with a major focus on instruction and on the job training to offenders. The goal of the Grooming Program is to provide a foundation for offenders to obtain employment in pet grooming upon their release from prison.

    Work environment is inside the Washington Corrections Center for Women. Comprehensive benefits package includes Medical & Dental insurance. Please send salary history, cover letter and resume to [email protected] or mail to Prison Pet Partnership, 9601 Bujacich Rd NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332 no later than AUGUST 1, 2012. Qualified candidates will complete a working interview which requires a successful background check through the Washington State Patrol.

    PPP is a non-profit organization located on the grounds of the Washington Corrections Center for Woman in Gig Harbor. Our program benefits all involved the animals who are given the chance to lead lives of service, the inmates who learn valuable skills so they may find gainful employment upon release, and the individuals with disabilities who receive well-trained dogs to help increase their level of independence.
    Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the Board Help Talk Forum. Thanks for coming to our community a part of

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    What an amazing opportunity to give back 2 fold to the community!

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    Admin: Actually I know 2 groomers that have done this in other states and it was personally very rewarding for them. Not prison, but local jail, we also took a chance and hired 2 women who were serving very light sentences for buying stolen goods, zero violence, and both had great kids, and anyway, they were in jail not prison, but they became fantastic groomers great parents, and superb employees, never late, never absent, and stayed over 10 years.


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      Stephen...I've had my shop for 31 years....NEVER have I had someone from Purdy looking for a job. NEVER. If they teach dog grooming (and they do) they sure don't employ them in the community. At one time I really needed a groomer NOW, and even then I couldn't get a Purdy graduate.

      I understand they do well with their Therapy Dog program...those dogs go out to the community and to new owners. But the Groomers....where-oh-where do they go???