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NW Show Program is up!

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  • NW Show Program is up!

    Yay! The show's program and registration are up! Looks like there's going to be some really great seminars. I'm also planning on competing with my poodle for the first time. I'd love to compete in creative as well but the dog I was going to use wasn't able to make it to my practice session and I'm going to be gone all next month. Sad! I hope we all have a chance to meet up. I know a few years ago Petgroomer was offering free name tags to people so you could put your real name and your forum name when you met up with people. I also hope that everyone is able to attend the get together that Nancy and the other groomers up north put together every year. Last year it was a lot of fun and there were some AMAZING raffle prizes!

    Finally, if anyone wants to be added to the Pacific Northwest Pet Stylist Facebook group, please send me a message on Facebook. My name is Amber Jarrett, I live in Kirkland, and my avatar is a picture of my poodle looking all crazy.

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    Darn, they only have two divisions, novice and open....well im not a novice but im definately not ready to compete in open!!


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      I haven't talked to Nancy

      but the last time we chatted, the "party" was not in the works for this year's event. Too much work for just 4 or 5 groomers, what with trying to secure donations for the drawings kept us running and begging vendors all day on Saturday. Only a few vendors will commit to donations before the event. Not to mention the cost of such an event, last year was in the $1500. range for just the food....and there again, we are begging and running vender to vender for the $ to pay for such.

      Don't get me wrong, everyone loved the events the last two years, but no one want to help put decor up or clean up, and everybody seems to have empty pockets when it comes to this year those of us that have labored for the last two years are also going to enjoy the seminars and competitions on Saturday, and no party this year.


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        Aw, that's too bad. I do totally understand, though. You guys put a lot of work and heart into the event the get together the past couple of years.