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  • NW Show -Meet and Greet

    Nancy has proposed that we have a PG .com Meet and Greet at the Murano on Saturday night at one of the restruants there. (staying close to the hotel because many of us will have dogs in house).

    We'd like to make this a fun event, any suggestions? Maybe we could all wear our Groomer Talk t's, or maybe fun hats? Whatever. We'd need a head count, so Nancy can set this up.

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    I'll be there
    ~*~*~Shawn, C.M.G.~*~*~
    Apparently common sense isn't all that common
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      I don't have a Groomertalk tee but I'll definitely try to be there.

      Stephen: You can buy a GroomerTALK T at but of course NOT the one's marked Club 1000 etc. earned for posting here.

      We are working on a new 2010 GroomerTALK T well before Hershey and hopefully we are going to have up to 3 dozen free to everyone going to Hershey Internet party this year. We're workin on it. Dawn usually contacts me about that event. We will try to get more for other shows too including Pet Pro and Zoo.