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    I guess I'll be the first for WA.

    Hi, my name is Shawn and I have been grooming for just about 20 years and got my master certification about 3 years ago. I have a salon in Marysville (along with about 10 others) and do try really hard to meet other groomers in Western WA.

    I've never competed but would like to some day and have been to the show in Vegas a few years ago and I've been to the Pac. NW show just about every year.

    I'm married and just happen to work with my hubby who has been grooming for the last 4 years, have two teenage daughters (one with some health issues), and a housefull of poodles. LOVE my poodles!!
    In what little spare time I have you can usually find me in a vegetative state on my couch and on Sundays I am taking refresher horse riding lesson so when I can finally afford to buy one, I know what NOT to do before landing on my butt
    I also enjoy challenging myself on poodle patterns since I have plenty of guinea pigs!!

    Who's next???
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    I'm Shannon, been grooming for 11+yrs. I grew up doing dog 4-H so I knew a little about basic grooming on Aussie's & Sheltie's. After working at a few vet's doing kennel work, on my last day at the vet's I talked to the groomer before leaving. She told me about grooming schools. I found one that had opened not far from me. Before putting money on it I talked to a breeder friend of cockers about the school & she suggested that she teach me in exchange for kennel cleaning. Glad I didn't do the school as it shut down. It worked out though, I learned alot with the breeder & I specialize in cockers. After 2yrs I got married & looked for a shop to work in. I found one that was close by & learned other breeds there. Also learned cockers don't ALL have sweet temperments, I was spoiled on the breeder's dogs. It closed down 2yrs later after a partner in the business didn't handle the money right, took money to help her sons problems. My boss wasn't able to bounce back after that. Since she wasn't able to pay me at closing I did get alot of equipment out of it. After working in a few other places I came to work in a BonneyLake shop. I love this town. After 3.5yrs I left to have my daughter. A few yrs later we moved up to BonneyLake & a yr later I went mobile. Been mobile for now my 3rd yr. I am loving mobile & love that I can bring my daughter with me who is now 5yrs.

    I am married almost 10yrs, have one 5yr daughter, a PRT 9yr, Sheltie 7yr & Cocker 1yr. I just competed in my first contest last week & loved it. With most of this nervousness gone over competing I want to try for my Master Groomer title.

    I show our cocker when I have the money & I try to go to the P. NW shows when they don't land on a cocker specialty like they did last yr. I plan to go to this coming one. I've never flown before & the thought freaks me out so I stay local.

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      Good idea Shawn, it's always nice to have intro's. I'm Pam aka (Arizona Ocicat or azoci). My grooming career had some pretty humble roots, starting while I was still in high school, helping out with a neighbors show Poodles and taking a course they gave to puppy buyers. From there like many others, it stared with a bathing position, and I worked my way up over the years to employee, shop & kennel owner, instructor, groom shop manager & instructor at a box store, owner of a school for grooming, and finally semi-retired as a mobile groomer. Attending trade shows and seminars at every opportunity.

      I've also been involved in All-Breed Dog and Cat clubs, Speciality Breed clubs, member of the CFA Ocicat Breed Council, and I was the VP of the Arizona Professional Pet Groomers Assn for 8 years, and did a monthly newsletter for almost all of those years for same.

      I started my career goal of certification back in 1992, but with time out being in AZ I finally finished it once I returend to WA a few years ago. My newest career goal it to gain my certification as a Pet Esthetitican.


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        Tails R Wagon

        Hi, my name is Julie!
        Grooming has been a lifelong dream for me since I was in high school.
        I always wanted a career that worked with pets but could not see being a vet. I have a hard time with injured pets.
        Well, life got in the way of my dream and I needed to work for Corporate America for 20 years first.
        As I was turning 40, I went through a long look at my life and decided I needed a change.
        So when bonus time came around I took that bonus and signed up for Grooming school. I went to Madeline's Instritute of Pet Grooming school part-time while I continued to work at my corp. job. (Yes, this is the school that Stephen's mother founded)
        It took me 10 months to complete the 600 hours required to graduate.
        I did in home grooming on the weekends for about another year while we put a plan in place to move to WA and start up a mobile business.

        I have been in WA for 4 years and have been mobile since we have moved here.
        I am married for 24 1/2 years with no children (my choice) but I do have 6 cats and 3 wonderful Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

        When I can I go to tradeshows. Been to Vegas and Pac NW grooming show twice.
        I am hoping I can save enough to do the Hershey show just once.



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          My name is Yvonne and I work in Bellevue, WA.
          I don't have much of a life just grooming and home to see my fiance and cat lol.

          We have the weirdest business in Bellevue we have some super awesome people, we have people that latch onto you and won't let you go lol which sucked for me because my doctor gave me a size limit...had to pass on some dogs to another groomer.

          Well I'm not good at the write about yourself thing, but hey if anyone works in Bellevue I would love to here from you.



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            My name is Sara and I Just opened my own grooming business in Ephrata, Wa! I love grooming and wouldnt know what to do without it! I love the creativity and expressions that I can have on every pet! Poodles are my favorite dog to groom and Persians are my fav cat! I just started playing with creative grooming and love the before and after changes. Im very artistic and love all the little touches I can give to my clients! I am looking forward to the pacific northwest grooming show in march maybe I can meet some of you there!! Take care and best wishes in your grooming adventures!!!


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              Hi, my name is Amber and I'm currently grooming in Bellevue, Wa. I've lived in the state for about three years now and I've only been grooming for a little less then two. I'm currently the sole groomer at a veterinary hospital. I'm always looking for other groomers to learn from and Shawn (Moonie) has been an amazing help to me! Before grooming I was a video game programmer in test at Microsoft Game Studios. I actually quit to follow my dream of working with animals. I couldn't have done so without my amazing fiance encouraging me! I'm really interested in furthering my grooming education and would LOVE it if I could be contacted when any seminars or anything come around. I'm willing to drive just about anywhere! I'm also aspiring to get into the showing world. So, if any of you people who show dogs want someone to lug your kennels around in exchange for letting me hang around and watch you work the ring, send me a message!


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                Hi I'm Nancy and Live in Mt. Vernon. I have an in home salon. I LOVE what I am doing and could no imagine doing anything else!!!
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                  Time to restart this!

                  My name is Catlin, and I work at a shop in Redmond, wa. I've been grooming for 3 years. I always new that I wanted to work with dogs, but my dream of being a vet quickly ended when we had my first dog put down when I was 12.
                  I'm always trying to learn more about dogs and grooming, but don't really know any other groomers so my poor husband has to listen to me!
                  I have 2 kids, 6 year old son (who wants a white standard poodle!) And a 2 year old daughter.

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                    I'll join in too! I'm Zoe, I've been grooming for about 7 years now. I'm currently working at a kennel in Woodinville. This winter I'm thinking about trying to hook up with more show people to "master" a breed... anyone got any leads?


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                      Hey all, I'm Amy, a newbie to the site, and to grooming! I'm a single mom in Oklahoma, currently working as a full time nurse, and training on my days off.


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                        Hi, I am Courtney. I am from Kennewick WA. I have been grooming for close to 10 years. My grandmother and mom groomed all my life, so I grew up in a shop. I work at a lovely private shop and am looking to build clientele since the area is growing! I love grooming, working with the dogs and the freedom the job gives me! I hope to meet some more groomers from this area!