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Snow Makes it Slow!

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  • Snow Makes it Slow!

    The snow is so pretty, but we completely lost Saturday and today (Monday). I hope people show up tomorrow. Of course they are rebooking, but still! Now they say we are getting another storm next weekend. Yikes. Of course it is weather like this that make me appreciate not being a mobile groomer, my hat goes off to all those mobile groomers in snowy climates.

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    I'm mobile and stuck at home too. We got 9 inches of snow Saturday..and I'm about 4 blocks from Chesapeake Bay! We may be getting another "mix" tomorrow and the weekend. I guess one week a year dedicated to snow isn't so bad...


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      Shockingling, here in upstate NY we've had a very mild winter and not a lot of snow. I haven't had to cancel anything this winter so far due to weather. I think we had at most, 6-8 inches during one snow fall, but it was on a day I wasn't working anyway. Last year we got socked over and over by huge snow falls. Heck, last week it was raining and almost 50 degrees outside! I will drive in snow, I have no problem doing that, but it depends on how much snow and how bad the roads are. The one day it was really bad was New Years Eve and I wasn't working that night, thankfully, but that was the night Tawney got hurt and I had to debate whether or not it was worth trying to drive on icy roads to the emergency vet or treat at home. Not fun. You guys can keep all of your snow, but if you get some warmth, feel free to send THAT along!
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        I just don't care to drive in the bad weather. I think this whole week is going to be a bust, oh well, I'm getting some painting done.


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          Hey Max..It looks like we'll be getting it again this weekend!


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            At first I thought the whole week would be a bust, but we actually had a lot of walk-in business. But tomorrow and Saturday, well, might as well reschedule 'em now.