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  • Snow!!!!

    The snow today is so bad! I had to cancel my first appointment that was up on capitol hill. Very steep hills I have to go up to get to this house and I knew my truck couldn't handle it. I would just slide down backwards with my trailer on. I'm waiting to see what happens before I know what to do about my second appointment. This is a bad time of the year. I get so booked for christmas then get these snow storms and have no idea where I am going to put the appointments that I had to cancel. Crazy!

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    Aack - me too!

    I'm mobile and out in Vernal, UT. I am home today also. I got lucky and my Thurs am appt rescheduled so I put my two morning ones from today over to Thursday. (I called them last night to let them know.) I am going to go out and do my afternoon one (light day thank goodness!) as it is only a few blocks from my house and we are downtownish so the streets should be in better condition. (I also have no where else to put this pooch!)

    My hubby shoveled the driveway once, and then I just did another round. We have a corner lot (rats!) and I shoveled it once. I know I'll be shoveling again when I get home... On the plus side, it's very pretty out and I've gotten a lot of housework done this morning!


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      I bet vernal was tough. I shoveled twice today and should have done it a third time, but decided not to. I canceled my 1:30 at noon then it cleared up by the time for the appointment, but I lucked out as well and was able to find a good spot for both appointments. I am booked until February so I can't have anymore days like this. I'm sure you know how that is. What's the worst is that I have a truck that is four wheel drive, but it is in the shop right now. Could have really used it today. There is another mobile groomer I am friends with that services the same area I do and she went out in it this morning. She has a little camper that was converted, but I still think that's crazy.

      Glad to hear I am not the only one that the snow scares away.


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        When I was looking into going mobile, everybody warned me not to get a trailer due to the snow. Now I see why.

        Sorry to hear you had to cancel your appointments.

        On another topic, there is likely going to be another seminar in Salt Lake this summer, some time in June, most likely. I'm sure the topics will change, and I think one of the two days will be a hands-on seminar, yay!

        Tammy in Utah ---it's snowin' up here in Layton, too!
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          Snow and mobile


          My trailer follows very well and I have been very impressed with the handling of it. Honestly, I'd rather be out with my 4x4 truck and little trailer than some of the mobile vans I've seen out there. I really think it just depends on the the truck/trailer or van/sprinter vehicle you have. Some are better than others, but I wouldn't negate a trailer straight off just because of winter weather. I wouldn't have gone out in any van or sprinter that day either. I'm in a small town and it takes a while for the plows to go anywhere other than our major roads. When they do, they spread the junk that melts it and that results in a lot of slushy stuff that is be worse than packed snow.

          So, the driveway got shoveled 3 times and the sidewalks 2 times. That was my workout for that day!

          I started working 4 days/week back in March largely due to tendonitis (doctor's orders and it has *really* helped!), however it has had many positives associated with it. Now, when I need to reschedule I can do so to Friday rather than Saturday. I also get Friday for all my banking, paperwork, deep cleaning, etc. So much nicer to do during the week than when my husband is off and wants to go do something.


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            I'd love to go to the seminar. I learned so much at the last seminar that was here.

            As far as the trailer goes, I have a 4x4 but the mechanic is taking his sweet time on it and has had it for 7 wks now! Frustrating especially with this weather. So I don't know yet how much better it is in the snow.

            I've played with the idea of a four day work week. My mom works four tens and gets fri-sun off. I'd love to do the same, but I work 6 tens right now. Okay I don't work ten hours everyday but often. That's what is the hardest about working six days a week. When we have these snow storms I have no where to put these dogs that I have to reschedule. I am now working the sun before christmas. Yuck. I need to get back to my tues-sat schedule. It's hard when I am so busy though. I want to try to get everyone in, but if I keep doing that I am going to end up not liking my job and that would not be good. It is nice when I do have mondays off because of the things that I can get done like you said fshrchic with your fridays.

            Can't wait for summer to come back .