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    Only groomer in Texas that feels we need a Rade show in state. Unless I am completely mistaken, we have absolutely nothing I can think of. There is the Reliant dog show but it isn't a trade show. It has a few vendors amd various products but still... i always read on herehow y'all got awesome deals. I love supporting my distributor but would love an actual real life show just for groomers. Here in Texas. If there is one would someone let me know.

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    Did you mean trade show??? which is very education oriented. They just released the date.
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      Wasn't there something in Houston recently? "Groom Texas" or something? Seems I saw it on schedule of events in Groomer to Groomer magazine.


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        Yes there was groom Texas. Which I am so happy to have education classes available Although was not able to attend then this year. Will definitely next year. Thank you Admin. Will read over info. Thanks.