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    I have a shop in NC and one of my regular clients is moving back to San Antonio TX. She is worried about finding a good groomer for her Wheaten. She keeps him pretty close to breed standard. She is a good client and I'd like to give her some referals.

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    I live 40 minutes west of San Antonio and 3 times a week I am going to town to do dogs there but I stay at the west part of SA. Where does this lady exactly live (what part of the city).
    There are several Mobiles there but I don't know them in person because I don't see them very often (SA is big). i also noticed from their websites that they are owners with several vehicle on the roads and they have employees. Let me know where the lady lives and I can tell you if I could do her dog or I give you phone numbers and websites. There is also an Aussie Franchise north/east of town but they stay in that area.
    How much did you charge for the Wheaten and how did you do him?


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      Still searching for a groomer?

      Hi...I'm a professional groomer in SA. I live NC and work near Trinity University. I'm happy to accomodate your client and her Wheaton. Will be happy to consult and give visual examples. Thanks, Valerie.