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Ugg!!! They're heeerrreeee!!!

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  • Ugg!!! They're heeerrreeee!!!

    Fleas I hate hate hate 'em!!! Hubby went Friday and bought the first batch of Comfortis for this year...sigh...I was so hoping that with the extended cold weather that the little nasties would be lighter but NOOOO!!!! GRRRRR!!! Did I mention that I hate 'em????

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    I don't see a lot of fleas but I do see ticks. All those bugs are so disgusting!! There is nothing worse then a tick filled with blood, watching their little legs wiggle. Or seeing fleas run like they're in a steeplechase.
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      Yes they certainly are disgusting! We keep our crew on Comfortis, treat our property and home etc. But there's a huge feral cat population around here and then people who say 'Oh well, dogs DO get fleas ya know!" GRRR!!!


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        come to Utah. WE DON'T GET FLEAS ..... UNLESS the dog has been to other states who do get them but it does not take much to get rid of them.
        we do see a couple with tics though. if they have been in the brush in the mountains a lot you can see them. so sorry you have to deal with that. My husband is from Missouri and he said they had to even have bug exterminators come out every year to spray the house. and the chiggers. he said the chiggers are just awful.


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          I saw a tick on fleas YET here in MD!


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            LOL- thanks! I love my state but it seems like every summer gets more humid,hotter and the hurricanes get stronger...*humming the theme from Beverly Hillbillies*... loading up and heading out...either North or East is sounding pretty good!!


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              I have customer dogs with fleas this year, who never ever had fleas before and the owner can hardly believe their angels are flea ridden.
              I don't have this problem with my own dogs and I use them as a good excample for people who act like they have never heard there are fleas out there. Some people think that's the groomers business to take care of the suckers. But my own dogs are on Revolution (for fleas, ticks, mange, earmites, heartworm and a dewormer in one). I always tell people dogs don't have to have fleas anymore because there are so many products on the market. But they buy a stupid flea collar or drops from Walmart and if you have an already strong infested yard, that don't work. You need stronger weapons then that. And this year is the worst, because of all the rain we had. Fleas love it hot, humid and moist on the ground.

              Let's kick their butts!!!


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                In east texas we have fleas and ticks year round. Cust are having to rotatate the fle products they use for them to be effictive. My personal dogs are kept on something at all times but I do have clients that are appalled that their babies could have nasty fleas. Could not be from their house the dog never goes outside. (Where do they potty at) so it must come from grooming shop or vet. Get real. All dogs get fleas and there are great products now to control them. I remember the "old" days when all we had was STINKY dips to use and they only worked for about 30 mins. Lol!
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