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San Antonio groomers??

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  • San Antonio groomers??

    I am interested in starting my own business here in San Antonio.
    I would like to hear about how they started their business.
    Are you required to a have a license to groom??

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    your post is older already. but you just need Tax License.
    The San Antonio Groomers are not here on the board. I am the only one I guess. And I live 40 minutes west of SA. But I go 3 times a week to do some customers there. But I stay west of SA and some North but mostly west of 1604. Most of the Mobiles are Franchise or owner with multiple vehicles. The groomers are employees.
    Grooming shops are hundreds there. The most shops I have seen are on Bandera Road.
    Good luck, if you have questions, ask!


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      Thanks, Loni.
      I would like to apply with a mobile grooming.
      There is only one I have found...called Happy Hound Mobile Grooming.
      I have no experience at all... I have a full time job and would like to work part time as a bather, but
      it seems a lot of places are not open with someone with no experience. IT's hard.