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  • Finding other groomers

    Probably a question for the admins, but is there a way to find other groomers on here that are located in TN here on That would be a nice feature. I have been on other forums wher they have a map of the states and if you clicked on that state it would show everyone registered from that state.

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    That would be so cool! We do have state-specific boards so you could always post there and see if you get any responses!
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      tn groomers

      go down to the howdy yall thread. lots of us have posted there. where is portland,tn? close to ?


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        Nashville, TN

        Hi! I am in Nashville and have been grooming my Standard Poodles, my mothers Bichon and Standard, and my daughters Standard for about 5 years now and am wanting to go to school to learn the proper way. I do a fairly decent job though. I am thinking of going mobile when I graduate, but looks like I have to do online courses. Not much in TN and don't think I can leave for 3 months to go to school so far away. Any other fellow Tennessee groomers have any advice?