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Feb get-together at the cat grooming school

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  • Feb get-together at the cat grooming school

    So we missed the January get-together that Deidra was so kind to plan. Do you guys want to get together this month?

    I would love to host it at the new National Cat Groomers School in downtown Greenville. Patty said she'd bring a tasty lasagna recipe.

    If everyone brings a little something we could have a delicious meal right here at the school and you all could take a tour of the facility.

    How about friday the 26th around 6:30 or 7? My february is very full with lots of travel/speaking engagements - but that weekend is still free.

    Thoughts? Anyone interested?

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    Works for me; no rabbit shows that weekend.
    I will see if I can get my co worker, Brandy to ride up with me.


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      I think I can handle this one,, it's only about 10 mins from my house!!! Can't wait to see the school and meet all of ya'll.


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        Looks like our bather, Tomeka will be coming with us; we are gonna stay at my house after; and go back down to work on Sunday morning (We work about 45 minutes SE of my home; down in Orangeburg).


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          super! That's at least 6 of us that I know of. Anyone else?????


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            I will have to double check my schedule and see if the kids have anything going on, but as far as I know it will work for me!

            Is the Patty you are talking about Bow Wow Wheels Patty?

            If I am able to come I will grab some goodies like bagettes to go w/the lasagna and pastry from our bakery for some delicious empty I look for ANY excuse to hit that bakery!
            SheilaB from SC


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              Please contact me with address; time, and any other pertinent information.


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                Does 6:00 work for all of you? If so, meet at the school

                701 Pendleton Street Greenville at 6:00pm Friday 2/26.

                So far we have lasagna (yes from Bow Wow Patty), bread (Sheila), and salad (from me),

                Can someone bring drinks and someone else a dessert of some sort? Anything else that goes well with lasagna dinner that you can think of let us know.

                There are directions to the school on the ncgia website.


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                  I don't get off work untill 6 on Fridays,,, so I will be late! Ya'll save me a plate! I can bring a dessert,, maybe a cheese cake???


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                    We can move it to 6:30 if that helps. I'm perfectly okay with that.

                    I am in Moscow now speaking at Zoo Russia tomorrow. I may not be able to get on here much until I return on Monday due to spotty internet and a busy schedule. So you guys feel free to hammer out the rest of the final details, and I'll check back here when I return stateside to see how it shaped up. Hope many of you can come!


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                      6:30 would be a much better time, if thats ok with every body else!


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                        Brandy, T omeka (fromOrangeburg) and I,)from Pelion) will be there at 6:30. See you guys then.


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                          Hey guys,
                          I have to postpone the dinner because I just found out that my hubby's brother and his family are coming in from out of town that evening. So now I must be home cleaning house and being a host.

                          so sorry I was looking forward to this.

                          I can reschedule for Friday 3/12 at 6:30. Does that work for you all?


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                            Glad I saw your message before I bought a cheese cake, saved me from having to eat the whole thing by myself,,,,the 12th is fine with me.


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                              YES!!!!!! I am so glad that you have to reschedule catgroomer, cause I came on to say that I couldn't make this My oldest daughters Thursday soccer game was pushed to Friday and I cant miss it cause I am the "snack mom" for this game.

                              Far as I can tell March 12 will work for me!
                              SheilaB from SC