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  • Need a GREAT groomer

    Hi all,
    Please help me find a great goomer for my parents. They just adopted a pug from rescue and I need an experienced groomer who can get the job done right.
    We dont know how this new girl will be for her grooming so I want someone who is gentle and NO cage drying at all. Mobile groomer is fine too.
    They are located in Charlestown, RI so if you know a great groomer please let me know.
    Thanks!!! Merry Christmas everyone!

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    Hmm, there should be some great salons in RI as the pres for the NEPGP I believe lives and works in RI. I wish I were closer, I'm near Albany NY, but I have a Pug myself and am mobile. I was previously known as "The Pug lady" at the salon I used to work at LOL.
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      Um, why do you need a great and experienced groomer for Pug? Does it have a problem?

      Pugs usually get a bath and a nail trim. Some additional things can be done on some coats. Some people shave their pugs. Most Pugs could use at least a bit of "deshed" work. But, generally speaking, a Pug can be done by a "junior groomer" or a grooming assistant, unless it needs 2 people to do the nails (they can be a bit weird about that).

      It's still nice to find a great groomer, of course - one who uses quality products and takes care with the eyes, face wrinkles, knows about the common breathing difficulties that Pugs may have. No cage drying?? Why not? You perhaps are thinking of a "drying cage", the enclosed kind that have made the news frequently. This is different than putting a dog in an open (wire) kennel with dryers and/or fans moving air around. I do not use the first, but would not be without the second technique, personally. The air does not get warm in the whole crate and does not cause breathing difficulties.

      If you want to know more about the difference in what I am describing, please pm me. So many people are worried about the use of cages when they don't realize the huge difference between a DRYING CAGE and "cage drying". They can definitely be 2 completely different things, with the former requiring far more attention and observation and knowledge, which is why there have been so many problems. Even if I owned/used a drying cage, I doubt I would place a Pug in one; not worth the risk, in my opinion.

      And just to add: although I realize that many mishaps have been caused by carelessness, I often wonder how many are from the dog having an undiagnosed problem? Reporting is usually sensationalized. I say this remembering a Great Pyrenees that some people brought me to groom about 20 years ago. I let her sit with me before starting on her because she seemed to be panting excessively, and I wanted her to calm down. It was a new dog for me, so at first I thought she was just a bit stressed. As she kept on panting, I noticed her tongue was bluish. Red flag! My bather asked if she should give her a bath, but I said, no, go get the vet - this dog may not survive the warm water, nevermind trying to blow-dry her afterwards. Sure enough, vet checked her, the dog had advanced heart disease, and owners came by and had her euthanized!! Know what they said?? --- "We noticed for the past 6 months that she couldn't walk very far any more......". How nice - but if I had bathed her and had her in a warm room, she probably would have died, and if the media got hold of it, they would have reported a groomer killing a dog while drying it. Again, not saying it doesn't happen, because of course it does - lots of negligence in many cases. But obviously not all.


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        Hi mylady, I used to have cockers and I used to get everyones for grooming! lol I didnt mind, being a cocker owner I knew/know the breed well.
        I dont groom right now as I am taking time off to be a mom.
        Debbie dogs, to be short and sweet I do want a great groomer.
        I am a very well experienced groomer of 20 + years that has seen it all by groomers that are not well trained.
        Dog doesnt get washed well, not dried well which leads to skin issues, not careful with the power drier or sensitive to dogs who are nervous with it and tons of other reasons that I dont feel I need to state, or have time to.
        All breeds have their own issues and Pugs as you know have a bunch
        I am well aware of cage dryers but I prefer this dog not be in one.
        Just the reason you mentioned re> grt pyr I want someone who is able to help my parents (who are seniors) in recognizing any problems that this new rescued dog might have that myparents or vet may not pick up on. kwim?
        If I lived near them I would obviously do it myself
        ok thanks girls


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          Sorry, gyd

          Groomyourdog - I did not realize you are an experienced groomer from your question. Sorry - <red face>.


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            Since you've been grooming for so long, why don't you google or some groomers that live in your parents area. Then you could interview them yourself and feel comfortable with your decision.


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              Not a problem, thank you for trying to help.