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Had a great time at the Meet and Greet

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  • Had a great time at the Meet and Greet

    I just wanted to say that we had a grand time at the PA meet and greet out at Trish's place in Mercer. It was just a small gathering, but we got a chance to exchange ideas and play with a pair of beautiful cockers and a cute schnauzer baby. When we get the pictures we'll post them here of our adventures in color and the japanese style hairdo my poodle is now sporting. Trish, hats off to you. It was sooooo worth the drive. The next one will be at our place on the other end of the state in March or April. We'll let you know the details as soon as we know.

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    I was glad the weather was okay for the drive home . I had a great time. I have a few pics here from my phone. Hopefully your pics are better. I think my shop will sparkle for months ...hehehe...will admit Angel is full of color now, she wast here that day but she got color today at work.

    Keep us posted on when you want us all to come over your way.
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      Again took this with phone..started playing with some color, then will trim her up. Im thinking rainbow from toppy to shoulder then flowers , who knows... this is addictive. Will post pics when I finish her all up .

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        Nice meeting other groomers

        I'm glad I took the time to go. Thanks for the compliment on my cockers. I just fell in love with your little babies also. I painted Harley up for his visit to the nursing home Monday. One poor lady was so confused she thought he was bleeding. When she found out it was for Valentine's Day, she said now that is funny. I told her wait till next month. He will be green. Thanks for sharing on how to do it.

        Compliments to Trish for a nice job. So much fun swaping stories. Much better than on here.


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          Color is addicting

          Ah, Trish, I see you and Cathy have been bitten. It starts with a bit of color; a splash of color in the fur, then a little bit of fairy dust, and the next thing you know you have a technicolor dream coat! Perhaps before St Patrick's Day so we can get a jump on the dyin' o' the green! Zaf is green every year, complete with toenails and spangles, the whole 9 yards. The next thing you know your clients are letting you do little stencils on thier dogs too. Color is the spice of life! Have fun with it! Trish, your baby girl looks great! Love the heart! Cathy, I hope you got pictures of your handsome boy. I can't wait to see him!


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            Seems this area loves the glitter and a touch of color. lol... this little guy wanted a green mohawk kinda...what a good boy this guy was .. very patient for a pup. The family loved his temp. dooo.... Had a bunch of calls to see if I could do something with thier dog. Go figure. Dang maybe I should be sending some percentage over your guys way for the great idea.

            The pics are from the not the best but you will get the idea.
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              Muahahahahaaa! Taking over the world with color, one client at a time! I'm so glad you're having fun with it. That little guy is a cutie bear, that's for sure! As soon as we hear what Sunday Maggie's grandson's birthday party is (it's his first) we'll schedule the meet and greet for the other one in the beginning of March. We've had some interest with a few of my local groomer friends too so we may get a nice little crowd. We'll keep you posted. Liz