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Anyone in the Harrisburg area?

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  • Anyone in the Harrisburg area?

    Looks like I'm moving to Harrisburg! I know nothing about that area. I grew up near Scranton and went to college in Reading, but I've lived in Kentucky for the last four years.

    I'll be looking for a job as well as a place to live over the next month. If it all works out, we want to move now so we can be settled by the time my husband starts law school in the fall.

    If anyone has any advice at all on the area, Harrisburg or the surrounding towns, or where I should look for a job, I'd be really grateful!

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    No advice what-so-ever.
    I'm just all excited you'll be 90 minutes north of me. You can come here ALL the time and show me how to do ALL the computer stuff! Won't THAT be exciting!
    I mean WON'T that be exciting...for you, lol!

    Hope you get some good leads Alice. If I'd known you were coming...I'd have gone out and actually leased a shop...just so I could hire you as a groomer. could bring that Poodle of yers to work.
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      i really like that area. I bought my mobile there and usually stay there when I go to Hershey since it's usually cheaper. I have thought many times about moving to that area. it's beautiful there. best of luck!
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        No advice for you but I am mobile in the Reading area. We all need to do a get together.
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          Mechanicburg is right around the corner from Harrisburg, and it's a nice little town. Ask the folks from Barkley who are based there. We're less than 2 hours from there ourselves, near Wilkes-Barre. I know the Petsomethings are always looking for help, but I don't know anyone who has a smaller shop there. Welcome to the area! If you get up this way, you have an open invitation to stop on in the shop for tea and conversation.


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            You know that that's where Groom Expo is, right??? You'll love it. What could be better, you've got the Hershey chocolate factory right there. You'll be less than 90 min. away from me too.


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              Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! Wish you all were going to be closer, but I guess if times get too tough I can always come camp out on one of your doorsteps, right? Right???

              I'm thinking I may need to take a break from grooming until we get settled and go through a temp agency so we can afford to live. We had planned on waiting until August to move, but circumstances (for my husband) have sort of changed and we are going to try to move next month now. I'm having trouble finding inexpensive housing that allows big dogs! We also have a cat. I hate moving!

              I'm going to miss my job! And my house! And my yard! And not living like a poor student. Looks like that will be my life again though for the next few years.


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                I am near Harrisburg

                We moved down last october. I work part time in Mechanicsburg, at a little pet store. Very few clients, and the owner just does not market the business.. its frustrating. I just looked into a great place in my area to lease and start my own place. I would love to meet and chat if you want


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                  I am in near Harrisburg

                  Would love to meet and chat!


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                    I'm currently in Northern AZ, but I am moving to the Harrisburg area in the middle/end of August - the 2 bunnies, 2 kitties, 1 little dog, and myself are getting 1-way tickets . My husband is currently driving there as we speak! He left this morning at 4am and is already an hour from his Grandma's house in Wichita, KS.


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                      Welcome in advance to PA! It's good to see new faces. I wish you luck with your move. Our shop is north of you in Mountaintop, just south of Wilkes-Barre, but it's not that far as the crow flies around here (around 1 1/2-2 hrs). When you get here, drop us a line and if you need anything, just shout. Welcome welcome!! Liz and Maggie