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    Hi, my husban and I were looking to move to Portland and I wanted to know a little bit about the area. One big thing I need to know is it ok to color dogs there? This is a deal breaker like FL was they will not let you. Is business good there? Do you do as many hand scissors as shave downs? Is there a lot of snow? About how many groom shops are there?


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    I groomed in Portland last year. Lots of shops, lots of hacks a few decent ones, one or two really good ones. I did some color, it is legal. It is not, however legal to express anal glands in the state of Oregon. Depending on what neighborhood you are in, prices are either disgustingly rock bottom to almost high enough. I personally did lots of hand scissors once I built a clientel, mostly because only one or two other groomers in the city even know how. I did them just because I prefer to hand scissor but most people there will not pay any extra for it. Lots of self serves in the city and they even rent clippers to anyone who wants and trust me, lots of Portlanders are into saving a buck. The city is suffering financially in a big way. I am really a Californian so I consider the winter to be way too extreme, way too much snow and the city is very bad in dealing with it. All of my clients had to cancel for the 2 weeks before and the week of Christmas because they couldn't get to the shop because the roads weren't plowed. Worst December of my entire career (18 years). I got out just before another miserable winter. It is a beautiful city and other than work, I loved living there.