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Anyone from Tulsa area want a challenge?

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  • Anyone from Tulsa area want a challenge?

    I have a client that is moving to the Tulsa area and will be needing a groomer for her Miniature Schnauzer. He is very nervous and scared EVERY groom, and a little flaky or unpredictable (snappy when you try to place him back in the kennel). I have been grooming him since I bought my shop in March and he has improved quite a bit over that time. They brought him in a couple of weeks ago for a final groom before the move and they are very nervous about finding a new person in Tulsa.

    He's not bad. He stands well on the table, but he is a pretty typical Schnauzer (high strung). I feel so bad for the poor guy. Apparently he has been moved around from groomer to groomer a lot because of his demeanor. All he really requires is patience, a gentle touch and reassurance. But you can't trust him completely. This last groom he did really well, but will be nervous with a new person. Anyone?